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Here is What is Possible:

Studies have shown that more than 85% of children receiving non-medical treatment for ADHD no longer need Ritalin or other medication.

Studies have shown that 60-80 percent of people permanently disabled with traumatic brain injuries can be restored to function with non-medical techniques.

Studies have shown that most migraines yield to non-medical approaches, so that migraine medication is rarely required.

Studies have shown that a simple behavioral technique resolves most incontinence in the elderly, beating all medical approaches.

Studies have shown that medication is no better than placebo for childhood depression, yet most such depression yields to non-medical approaches.

In the treatment of Parkinson's, non-medical approaches can achieve results that match those of Deep Brain Stimulation.

In the case of medically intractable seizures, a simple non-medical technique can achieve 60% reduction, on average, in seizure incidence, as well as reduction in severity of seizures. This technique has been known now for thirty years.

In the case of Stage 4 alcoholism, some 85% recoveries have been achieved with non-medical approaches. These results have been available in the literature for over ten years.

The epidemic of asthma in children (reaching 14% in our California agricultural valleys) can be helped with a non-medical technique.

The epidemic of autism can be significantly helped with a non-medical technique.

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